Indore is known for doing things differently. When other places are practicing 2, 3 or 4-way segregation of waste, people of Indore are segregating their waste into 6 categories and Feedback Foundation team is triggering the citizens and building the capacity of the sanitation staff to ensure 6 level of source segregation. During triggering the team demonstrates the process of 6 level of segregation i.e. (i) Dry waste, (ii) Wet waste, (iii) Domestic hazardous waste and (iv) Domestic Bio- medical waste [used mask, gloves, sanitary napkins, diaper, waste medicines etc.], (v) E-Waste and (vi) Plastic Waste. Citizens are motivated to use 6 different bins for their segregated waste. They are told that by segregating into these types of waste, they would be contributing significantly, in making Indore number 1 again in Swachh Survekshan Survey 2021.

Feedback Foundation has been empanelled by Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) as an agency for creating awareness in 3 zones of IMC, Madhya Pradesh for Solid Waste Management. As part of this intervention, FF is conducting awareness and IEC (Information, Education and Communication) campaigns for mass mobilization of all waste generators for waste reduction and segregation of waste at source. Capacity building workshops and SBM thematic drives are also being organized.