​Feedback Foundation conducted a triggering meeting for the residents at Harijan Sahi hamlet of Dalimbagoradi in Konark city. The hamlet is spread through the length and a common road connects all the households, which was in dilapidated condition making it difficult for waste collection vehicle to reach every household. The objective of the meeting was to mobilize the residents to get some collective work done to ensure that the collection vehicle can comfortably move within the hamlet. Young boys and girls volunteered to mend the road by using locally sourced materials like broken bricks, stone, soil and sand. The road was mended literally on a ‘No-cost model’ and now the waste collection vehicle easily moves around in the hamlet connecting all the houses. Seeing the enthusiasm by the children, a group was formed with 12 of them and it has been named as ‘Banar Sena’. These children have committed to undertake developmental initiatives in their locality, going forward.