Feedback Foundation is providing technical support to United Nations Development Programme in designing and `implementing ‘Garbage Free City concept’ in Jamnagar, Gujarat. The major objective is to create a better value in the waste value chain through investment in approaches, systematic process, aligning stakeholders and introducing innovation. This initiative is designed to minimize negative impact and risks to the environment and human health by enhancing sustainable Plastic Waste Management practices, through a socio-technical model (segregation/collection/recycling) while ensuring compliance with regulations.

This initiative is in line with Swachh Bharat Mission. Door to door visits and triggering sessions are also being conducted for sensitizing people about the ill effects of plastic and to mobilize the community for source segregation of waste.

Under this intervention, a recycling/upcycling community enterprise incubation center has been developed to engage, train, create avenues for the marginal sector workers, ragpickers and SHGs so that they can be engaged in recycling/upcycling-based enterprises dealing into various types of waste generated in urban settlements like waste from hotel, institutes, textile waste, etc.