A CSR activity was conducted at Sanjay Camp today. The programme started with introduction of volunteers from various entities of InterGlobe Enterprises (IGE) with women of ASHA SHG group. Experience was then shared by Pooja regarding receiving training and making calendar holders for Gulmeher, which led to good earning. Value added products made by the women from waste materials were also displayed and the women then spoke how FF team motivated them to make these products and they are now able to earn money through these products. Some women spoke about being trained by FF team for making newspaper envelopes which has now become their income source. They also demonstrated envelope/packets making from newspaper. They very enthusiastically spoke about the training received for making candles and are hopeful that it will support their livelihood.

IGH team was very happy to see the confidence in the women and they extended their support by offering to provide newspapers for making envelopes. They also suggested that they would provide training for making bin liners with newspapers and get bin liners made which will also become an income source for the women.

This was followed by a session on menstrual health and hygiene by IGH and FF team. A Q&A session was also conducted and all the queries were addressed. More than 350 girls and women were present during the session. The session ended with distribution of eco-friendly sanitary napkins.