Team Feedback Foundation is helping Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) in conducting surveys for screening of Covid-19. The team does door-to-door visits and conducts the survey with the help of a mobile app which has been developed by IMC and District Administration-Indore. The head of the family is asked a few questions like whether anybody has cold, cough, fever or breathing trouble, whether anyone is undergoing treatment for diseases like diabetes, cancer, blood pressure, etc. and if they have come in contact with any Covid-19 positive person. The information is provided to the Zonal Office, where two doctors have been assigned, who then go and provide the required treatment. Regular follow-ups are also conducted, so that any person showing symptoms of Covid-19 can be identified and the necessary treatment can be provided on time.

Feedback Foundation has been empanelled by Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) for creating awareness in 3 zones of IMC for Solid Waste Management. Besides, Feedback Foundation’s warriors have also sensitized the citizens of Indore about the do’s and don’ts to protect themselves from Covid-19, supported in providing essential items at door steps and is now helping in conducting survey for screening of Covid-19. Our deep respect for our warriors who are going all out and helping the people of Indore stay safe.