Cyclone Fani brought with it one of the biggest devastation’s of the decade for the people of the coastal region of Odisha. Many villages like Suando and Badabasant are still undergoing a phase of recovery. In September 2019, Feedback Foundation (FF) intervened in these two villages to take up relief activities. The objective was to help restore damaged community assets, ensure provision of livelihood options to improve living conditions, uphold the dignity of the community members and make them self-reliant. First and foremost, team Feedback decided to help the two villages become Open Defecation Free (ODF) and in less than a month, village Badabasant and the adjacent hamlet Badadiha Sahi achieved ODF status with 100% functional toilets. A grand ODF celebration was conducted by the people of Badabasant on 15 th October 2019. The celebration was attended by Mr. Saroj Dutta, Block Development Officer (BDO), Mr. Kulmani Bhoi, Assistant Project Director (APD), RSS members, FEDCO and Feedback Team. Now that the sanitation situation has improved, FF with the people of Badabasant will work in full swing, towards achieving the native objective of the project.