FF team is helping IMC in their fight against Covid-19 by spreading awareness on measures to be taken for prevention of spread of Corona virus like wearing masks, washing hands with soap at regular intervals, using sanitizers, avoiding social gatherings etc.  FF team is also helping in observing social distancing in milk dairies, chemist shops, vegetable shops etc., by marking circles at a distance of at least 1 metre, and motivating the citizens to maintain distance. The team members are helping in supervising the vehicles set up by IMC for door to door delivery of vegetables, these vehicles follow the route plan of garbage collection vehicles, so that when the residents come out to give their garbage, they can also buy vegetables. The team has also helped in identifying shops for home delivery of other essential items and the information has been shared with the residents so that they don’t have to face any trouble during lock down. The team has also circulated their phone numbers to the citizens in order to help the people in need. We are proud of our warriors in the field who are working relentlessly and helping people at this moment of world-wide crisis.

Feedback Foundation has been empanelled by Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) as an agency for creating awareness in 3 zones of Indore Municipal Corporation, Madhya Pradesh for Solid Waste Management. As part of this intervention, FF is conducting awareness and IEC (Information, Education and Communication) campaigns for mass mobilization of all waste generators for waste reduction and segregation of waste at source. Capacity building workshops and SBM thematic drives are also being organized.