With the help of the Feedback Foundation, Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority took its Swachhata Campaign door-to-door. The team educated citizens on the relevance of “Swachhata Ke Do Rang” by demonstrating the practices of source segregation.

The team has also conducted a school-level awareness campaign on Source Segregation & waste management, educating students on the benefits & techniques of segregating waste at the source. As part of the “Hara Geela Sookha Neela” National campaign ‘Swachh Toycathon’ was also conducted where students showcased their skills and made toys out of waste.

The FF team is undertaking various campaigns across Greater Noida to inculcate the habit of waste segregation among the citizens. Citizens are upholding the “Hara Geela Sookha Neela” campaign by regularly segregating their waste. The team is embarking young minds on the Swachhata ship.