Capacity building events

Feedback Foundation has conducted 659 capacity building events across various states of India and Nepal. These include:

Orientation/Sensitisation workshop at the State/Divisional/District level (1 day).

The objective is to sensitize key stakeholders on the Community Approaches to Total Sanitation and and formulate a strategy roadmap to support the Swachh Bharat Mission (R). This is critical for creating an enabling environment to push the ODF agenda in the State/District. Till date, Feedback Foundation has conducted 235 such events across 22 Indian States and in Nepal (2 events).

Training of Trainers (TOT) workshop at the State/District level (5 days).

The objective of the TOT workshop is to train a critical mass of trainers on concepts, approach and methodology of creating Open Defecation Free communities through classroom and field-based experiential learning for scaling-up the program in the District. Till date, Feedback Foundation has conducted 228 events across 21 Indian States and in Nepal (13 events).

Training of motivators (TOM) at the block level (5 days).

Feedback Foundation conducts TOM for creating select GPs open defecation free at the Block level. The trained motivators who emerge as sanitation champions help to scale up the program at the block level. The objective of this event is to train a critical mass of motivators on concepts, approach, and methodology and skill development through hands on training for collective behaviour change. Till date, the Foundation has conducted 65 such events across 9 Indian states.

Follow-up / Refresher workshop (3 days).

The objective is to re-organize the efforts and address the gaps in knowledge, skills of trainers and motivators, as well as reviewing implementation plans and monitoring systems. Till date, Feedback Foundation has conducted 52 trainings across 11 Indian states.

Mason Trainings.

The Foundation also conducts mason training to construct safe toilets across all geographical locations. 26 such trainings have already been conducted across locations.