Mask Hi Hai Zindagi’ is a campaign launched in Bhopal, to make people aware of the importance of wearing masks to avoid corona infection. The objective of the campaign is to promote the use of masks in urban areas, to make masks available in an accessible manner with public cooperation and to set up a mask bank besides informing about the proper way of wearing mask and its safe disposal. Under this campaign Feedback Foundation is conducting ‘Roko Toko Abhiyan’ and citizens not wearing mask are encouraged to wear masks and to observe social distancing. The importance of mask is also shared with them and the citizens are motivated to be a part of the campaign and ensure that no one from their house goes out without wearing a mask. Mask is also distributed to people not wearing mask in public places.

Feedback Foundation has been empanelled by Bhopal Municipal Corporation for spreading awareness across all wards of the city on Solid Waste Management and is working in the wards of 8 zones of Bhopal.