Feedback Foundation [FF] has been engaged by Agra Nagar Nigam for spreading awareness on Solid Waste Management [SWM] in the areas in the vicinity of Taj Mahal. Under this intervention, FF team is conducting Information, Education and Communication activities in 6 wards of Agra Nagar Nigam to help make it ‘A Garbage Free Area’. In line with this, citizens are sensitized about the importance of waste reduction and segregation at source. They are being motivated to segregate their waste into 4 categories and use four separate bins for wet, dry, domestic biomedical and domestic hazardous waste. Citizens are extending their support and giving segregated waste in appropriate bins in the collection vehicle. They are also being motivated to keep their surroundings clean and all Garbage Vulnerable Points [GVPs] are being transformed by clearing the area and making beautiful rangolis. The project started in March 2021 and within a period of 5 months, there has been a remarkable achievement of over 80% segregation of waste at source in the 6 wards. The team is working towards achieving 90% source segregation next month.