UNICEF, Papua New Guinea has partnered with Feedback Foundation (FF) for Strengthening the CLTS Capacity of four District Teams of Papua New Guinea viz. Central Bougainville, Nawaeb, Goroka and Mt Hagen. The objective of this project is to improve access to safe sanitation and hygiene behavior in up to 200 schools, 36 health centres and 800 neighbouring communities in the 4 pilot districts, by helping them achieve Open Defecation Free (ODF) status and improving hygiene practices.

As part of this intervention, FF facilitated capacity building events in two districts, i.e. Nawaeb and Bougainville in the month of August. One-day Visioning and Action Planning Workshops were facilitated on 9th August at Nawaeb District and on 27th August at Bougainville.  The purpose of these workshops was to sensitize and orient a cross-section of District/Local Level Government stakeholders on alternative approaches to sanitation for attaining and sustaining ODF, share best practices and experiences from across the world, and create demand for implementing the program in the Districts. There were 48 participants in the workshop held at Nawaeb and 49 participants in the workshop at Bougainville.