Mr. Ajay Sinha, CEO, Feedback Foundation Charitable Trust (FFCT), facilitated a one-day workshop on Solid Waste Management on 31 st August 2021 at Chabariya Gram Panchayat, Sardhana Block in Meerut in the presence of Hon’ble MLA, BDO and 39 Gram Pradhans. The objective of the workshop was to sensitize the participants for effective management of solid waste generated in the villages and to create ‘Zero Waste Block’. The topics covered included various aspects of solid waste management viz. ‘why solid waste management?’, 4 categories of waste, segregation of waste at- source, waste reduction techniques, ‘how to create zero waste block’, decentralized SWM options, circular economy etc. Mr. Sinha addressed the participants through a participative approach focusing on behavior change communication and experiential learning. The workshop was very informative and everyone showed keen interest in initiating the program in their Gram Panchayats. Hon’ble MLA also addressed the workshop; he appreciated the initiative and said that it will have very good impact on health of the people and assured of his complete support.