She attended the triggering process held in her Gram Panchayat during October 2014. Post triggering, she promptly volunteered to be a part of Nigarani Samiti being formed. She also under took the onus of follow up in her revenue village. She narrates it was the dignity element during the triggering process which stroke her emotional chord. She could immediately relate herself to the triggering process. She expressed that, she was aware of women being molested during open defecation, thus post triggering she was determined to end this practice in her village and in turn entire GP.

She discussed the importance of safe hygienic behavior in her family and her plans to end the practice. She received full support from her husband and entire family. The household constructed their toilet and toilet of her brother in law by spending Rs 75000/- in total. She felt that, unless she does not use toilet, she could not be a good motivator.

Being an active member of SHG, she leveraged her association to include more members in her nigrani team to strengthen follow up process. She along with others members religiously did follow up to ensure communities initiated construction of toilets. Till the time she along with other members ensured people are resorting to cat method. Her team expanded their presence across entire Gram Panchayat. She herself did follow up for weeks with hard nutshell people forcing them to introspect and change the behavior.


Her whole hearted effort earned respect for her in entire GP and in turn entire block and district. She was being acknowledged as one of the most powerful natural leader. This resulted in entire Gram Panchayat being declared ODF on sustainable basis.