Feedback Foundation offers a win-win solution for sustained business expansion by addressing the host community’s resettlement and rehabilitation concerns through its Community Led Approach to Rehabilitation (CLeAR), which  identifies the community as a ‘partner’ and not as a ‘beneficiary’ in the development process.

CLeAR believes in 3Rs that need to be addressed through community engagement. These are:

  • Relief
  • Rehabilitation
  • Reconstruction

Conventional approaches to business expansion are transactional in nature and lay emphasis on relief packages for displaced/ affected communities. This worsens resistance among the communities. Adopting the 3R approach ensures that the emphasis is on ‘development’; and the land acquisition merely becomes a step in the process that culminates in:

  • Better quality of life for the host community
  • Sustainable business expansion for public/ private entities with positive PR and brand-building
  • Realization of economic and social reforms for the government


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