A public awareness campaign called ‘Ek Mask-Anek Zindagi’ means, one mask-many lives is being conducted in many districts of Madhya Pradesh following the Prime Minister’s appeal to the people to wear masks and follow physical distance. Under this campaign, Mask Banks have been established, where people can donate masks which are then distributed to the deprived section of the society. Citizens can also donate masks through NGOs in every district/urban body, and the donations can be in the form of masks or funds which are then directed towards stitching the masks through Self-Help Groups. Team Feedback Foundation (FF) is also conducting this awareness campaign at Indore and citizens are being sensitized about the necessity of wearing face masks in wake of the ongoing pandemic. They are also being told about mask bank and the citizens are encouraged to donate masks or funds. Support is being sought from citizens to spread awareness and to ensure that everyone wears masks. FF is conducting this campaign in slums and distributing masks received through donation.