"In 1996, the Capacity Building Division (CBD) of Feedback Ventures began working in the areas of water and sanitation after recognizing its contribution towards improving health outcomes, based on its understanding of ‘people’ issues across the industry and the development sector."


Gradually, as demand for these services in the development sector increased, a need to give the Capacity Building Division more autonomy was felt. In May 2010, Feedback Foundation was registered as a private trust. It is headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana with seven project offices across the country. Feedback Foundation believes in engaging with the communities and uses a participatory approach to help build capacities of these communities and the related stakeholders. It also works towards sensitizing them about various social issues and offers sustainable solutions.


Initially, Feedback Foundation imparted trainings for capacity building of different stakeholders in Rural Sanitation. Subsequently, it began providing implementation and hand-holding support for setting up Open Defecation Free (ODF) communities. Gradually, it moved towards Urban Sanitation and is now also actively involved in various Smart City Projects across the country to help make the cities clean and liveable. Feedback Foundation has also been conducting various Situational Assessment Studies and community engagement activities that have helped formulate Rehabilitation & Resettlement Plan for Project Affected Families (PAF) of large-scale development. It has further been involved in various CSR initiatives such as, executing country-wide projects in school sanitation for ONGC, working with Inter Globe Foundation to help clean the city of Gurugram and transforming Bhond in Mewat, Haryana into a model village for sustainable development and social inclusion.