Feedback Foundation is the social development arm of Feedback Infra, India’s largest integrated infrastructure services company. The Foundation is one of India’s leading providers of sustainable solutions in rural and urban sanitation. At Feedback Foundation, we believe that community engagement is the most meaningful way to achieve long-term and sustainable outcomes for society. Since the last fifteen years, Feedback Foundation has been working across several Indian cities and districts providing capacity building, planning and implementation support to public, private and international agencies. The Foundation’s philosophy is to empower communities through behavioural change. That will enable them to use infrastructure assets and services provided by the governments and other development agencies.

Over 48,000

Persons trained on sanitation across 23 states

Over 5,500

Gram Panchayats helped become ODF

Over 5,000

Schools’ toilets’ O&M systems institutionalized

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Feedback Foundation is the social development arm of the Feedback Infra Group which assesses, administers and advocates community engagement in development projects.


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