Capacity Building Events

So far, Feedback Foundation has conducted 755 capacity building events across 23 Indian states, and in Nepal. These include:

Visioning and Action Planning workshop at the State/Divisional/District level

The objective of the workshop is to sensitize key stakeholders on the Community Approaches to Sanitation (CAS) and formulate a strategy roadmap to support the Swachh Bharat Mission (G). This is critical for creating an enabling environment to push the ODF agenda across the State/District. Till date, Feedback Foundation has conducted 271 such events across 21 Indian states and in Nepal.

Training of Trainers (ToT) workshop at the State/District level

The objective of the ToT workshop is to train a critical mass of trainers on concepts, approach and methodology of creating Open Defecation Free (ODF) communities through classroom and field-based experiential learning for scaling-up the program in the district. Till date, Feedback Foundation has conducted 248 events across 20 Indian states and in Nepal.

Training of Motivators (ToM) at the Block level

Feedback Foundation conducts ToM for making selected Gram Panchayats (GPs) ODF at the Block level. The trained motivators who emerge as sanitation champions help scale up the program at the Block level. The objective of this event is to train a critical mass of motivators on concepts, approach and methodology as well as skill development through hands-on training for collective behaviour change. Till date, the Foundation has conducted 100 such events across 11 Indian states.

Follow-up / Refresher workshop

The objective is to re-organize the efforts and address the gaps in knowledge, skills of trainers and motivators as well as reviewing implementation plans and monitoring systems. Till date, Feedback Foundation has conducted 108 training's across 15 states in India.

Training for the Masons

Feedback Foundation  conducts training for  masons to construct safe toilets across the geographical locations. 28 such trainings have been conducted in various locations across the country.

Handholding and Implementation Support

The objective of hand-holding support is to build capacities of the core field team for implementing the CAS approach. This is achieved through rigorous training on the principles and practices of CAS approach. The trained resource is given hand-holding support during on-ground implementation. The idea is to provide technical support in implementation of initiatives to create demonstrable units of ODF communities by the communities themselves in a time-bound manner and in the process, build the capacity of the core team.

Feedback Foundation creates linkages between various stakeholders as a key step to effective & smooth project implementation. The Foundation engages with the communities during implementation to mitigate resistance & create symbiotic stakeholder relationships and strengthen local institutions for post project follow-up and monitoring.

Feedback Foundation facilitates the district/block and urban areas to create ODF villages/slums using the principles of CAS so that learnings from the pilot can feed into the district action plan for scaling up the program at the District level. The Foundation works directly with the community with active support from the State/District/Block administrations to achieve the objective of the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) under this support mechanism. As the success of the intervention largely depends on timely support from the government, building the capacities of the government through established institutional structures such as Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MDWS)/ District Water and Sanitation Committee (DWSC), organizing cross visits to ODF villages, establishing monitoring mechanisms at all levels, etc. are also mandatory within the implementation support.

These activities are undertaken with a professional project management approach. Significant planning and monitoring is carried out besides implementation, for which community partnerships are facilitated with project authorities.  Focus is on developing a sense of equity and ownership among the community to ensure progressively higher participation in operations & maintenance.

Feedback Foundation Events