Indore Municipal Corporation has decided to make its 5 select wards as Zero waste wards, which will later be scaled up to all the 85 wards. Feedback Foundation has been assigned the task of making Ward No. 32 as a ‘Zero waste ward’ (Adarsh Ward). Team Feedback Foundation has started mobilizing the citizen groups of the ward. They are being sensitized about waste minimization, segregation of waste at source and keeping the surroundings clean. They are being triggered to segregate waste into 4 categories and to keep separate bins viz. blue bin for recyclables/dry waste, green for bio-degradable/wet waste, red for domestic biomedical and black for domestic hazardous waste. Door to door visits are also being conducted to trigger the citizens for behaviour change, by inculcating more responsible waste disposing habits, by appropriately segregating waste and ensuring proper disposal. They are also being motivated to start home-composting. The citizens are also excited to make their ward a ‘zero waste ward’ and set an example for other wards of Indore.