Solving rural sanitation problems in India requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders. At Feedback Foundation, we believe that the partnership of rural communities with facilitators, corporates, Government and development agencies is the key to bring about a sustainable change. Feedback Foundation provides consultancy services for several non-technical aspects across the Water and Sanitation sector. It supports the Government across rural India to implement the Swachh Bharat Mission (G) in coordination with multilateral agencies and State Governments. This is done by using Community Approaches to Sanitation that would help create Open Defecation Free communities, and thus facilitate them to achieve the goal of total sanitation.


Feedback Foundation focuses on two areas, namely, ‘capacity building’ and ‘implementation support’. Our team engages with the villagers to educate them about the need to accelerate sanitation coverage and mobilizes them for self-analysis, collective behaviour-change and action. This ensures that the sanitation facilities are demand-driven and community-led, thus ensuring their safe and sustainable use. Total sanitation encompasses elimination of open defecation, closing the loop on safe handling and disposal of waste, and following self-hygiene practices such as hand-washing, etc. All this helps achieve improved standards of health, productivity and quality of life.

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