Two Masons’ Training’s were facilitated by Feedback Foundation from 5th – 7th February, 2019 and from 11th – 13th February, 2019 at Bargarh, Odisha. The training’s were aimed at creating a pool of master masons that have understanding of the concept and process of ODF to augment and accelerate the implementation of SBM (G) in the district.It also aimed at imparting skill to construct toilets which conforms to the concept of safe disposal of faeces and also suits the topology and local conditions.The contents of the training included the standard construction process with nuances of masonry to suit the expectation of participant masons. This workshop was organized by District Water and Sanitation Mission, Bargarh, Odisha and was attended by 109 participants from Attabira and Bheden Blocks of Bargarh.