Feedback Foundation (FF) is providing Strategic Supervision Support in the 4 project districts of Papua New Guinea viz. Nawaeb, Central Bougainville, Goroka and Mt Hagen. The project started in August 2019 and District Level Visioning and Action Planning workshops were conducted in all 4 districts. 5-day Training of Mobilizers has also been conducted in the districts, to enhance the capacity of Community Mobilizers on CLTS approach and create a dedicated district resource pool to augment the implementation of safe sanitation and hygiene-related activities in order to make the districts ODF. This was followed by refresher workshops in the districts. Communities have been triggered to adopt safe sanitation practices and to make their villages open defecation free (ODF) and regular follow-up is being continued. Hygiene sessions are also been conducted in Schools and Health Centers. School Hygiene Clubs are being formed, which are responsible for maintaining hygiene within the school and also in nearby communities. To date, more than 300 communities have become ODF and are benefiting from improved hygiene. 115 schools and 24 Health Centres have also achieved ODF status. Joint Review Missions [JRMs] are being conducted, which serves as an important step towards institutionalizing the practice of documenting, learning, and sharing what has worked and also to recognize a need to understand what has not worked. These learnings will feedback to the national policy, strategy and advocacy. A contextualized CLTS Module has also been developed to be used by local teams for further capacity building.

This intervention is part of ’Klinpela Komuniti Projek’ supported by the European Union UNICEF WaSH Project. The objective of this project is to improve access to safe sanitation and hygiene behavior in up to 200 schools, 36 health centers, and 800 neighboring communities in the 4 pilot districts, by helping them achieve Open Defecation Free (ODF) status and improving hygiene practices.