FF team along with Gram Panchayat officials conducted a triggering exercise in the village. The household were sensitized towards the importance of safe hygienic behavior and its relation with over well being. Post this it was decided by the Panchayat to saturate the village. Challenges of inaccessibility and finding of a vendor who could dump the construction material was one of the toughest challenge faced by the GP officials.

After extensive mapping and using personal networks the PRI members were able to find the vendor for dumping the materials nearby to the village. The villagers were assigned with the responsibilities of carrying the material to the household level for initialing the work. Villagers roughly carried the construction material for 250 meters from the central point.


The village was declared ODF, and all the household members have started using the toilets. This was achieved with strong determination of the PRI members including the Sarpanch. The communities are now also sensitized towards the importance of safe hygienic behavior.