r&rcaseLong-term Objective – Demonstrated improvement in the quality of life of the residents of Sonshi, Goa by working together to create ‘an ideal habitat’.

The Project is being implemented in two phases:

   Phase 1 was undertaken from 2012-2014.

   Phase 2 was undertaken in 2017 and is ongoing.

As part of this, around 100 households need to be rehabilitated.

Activities Completed so far
  • Participatory Social Impact Assessment (PSIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) studies conducted for gathering qualitative and quantitative data, as inputs to the RRR plan
  • Detailed RRR plan prepared covering elements such as alternative housing requirements, monetary compensation for land and other immovable assets, facilities to be provided at the new settlement, continuation of livelihoods, skill and capacity building, wealth management support
  • Site selection for the new settlement completed and signed off by community members
  • Family details validated for each household and initiated collection of supporting documents, as inputs to allocation of new plots and houses
  • Issues and concerns of willing households who are yet to sign the entitlement validation have been documented and disseminated
  • Follow-up of the ongoing skill and capacity building training (computer education)
  • Communication for medical health check-up camp
  • Focus on entire community (both impacted and non-impacted)
  • Make the RRR Plan development-centric with inclusive and holistic features
  • Community engagement should start from the day the idea for land acquisition is thought of by the Corporate/ Government
  • Need for a single-window community engagement/ facilitation agency
  • Trust deficit is a major challenge – hence CBMs are crucial. Development should ideally precede land acquisition
  • All stakeholders (including political leaders) to be on board during the decision-making process
  • Community engagement to continue even after land is formally acquired
  • CLeAR is process driven, and hence time consuming (no quick fix solution will work), but has a very high probability of success