Background: Kisna Saikia, 9 is a child studying in class 4 of 757 Lower Primary School in Hollophukhan GP of Sivasagar district of Assam. She is a resident of Dhamdhuli village of the GP and stays with her mother, Grandmother and Aunt. She participated in school triggering at Ligribari Primary School during the month of February 2015 and emerged as quick learner by responding to multiple questions of the facilitators. She also inquisitively asked advantages of safe hygienic practices and reiterated in front of entire students.

Behavior Change: Post school triggering, she narrated the key learning at the school and demonstrated the safe hand washing practices to other household members. Kisna explained what are the critical times and how much important it is to wash our hands with soap. She along with other household members uses toilet constructed at their home. During the ODF celebration at Ligribari village, she demonstrated techniques of safe hand washing to entire community members present there. The facilitator also interacted with her teacher and shared that she should demonstrate the technique in morning assembly till every child learns the same.

Sustainability: She maintains a strict vigil at her home to monitor safe hygienic practices being adopted. In case any of the household members lips on washing their hands with soap at critical time, she remind and brings the soap to them. She desire to sensitize as many children as she could and feels that nobody previously had emphasized on the importance of safe hygienic practices.